Quality Control

• Commitment to quality is the central tenet of our business.

• It is a commitment that does not just meet legislative requirements but embraces the pursuit of best practices in everything that we do.

• A sophisticated logistical infrastructure encompassing state of the art transportation, storage and distribution facilities ensures the integrity of our supply chain from farm to fork.

• All processes have been certified under ISO 22000 by TUV and GLOBAL GAP



We operate two logistic centres in the regions of Central Greece and Attica.
At the facility in Central Greece we package and store all local products that we source and trade from the region.

At the facility in Athens we operate a packaging house attending mostly to supermarket needs for retail packaging, and storing all imports.
Both facilities have the latest technological advances in refrigeration and storage.Our products are handled and stored under strict norms of Quality and Food Safety and in accordance with international standards

All processes have been certified under ISO 22000 by TUV.

Why us?

• Over 60 years in supplying fresh products to the Greek Market, coupled with a strong balance sheet.

• Flexibility and customisation of products and services.

• Experienced and accomplished supplier of local premier retailers in fresh produce. A one stop shop for all major categories.

• Product Quality is a cornerstone of our business.

• Strong recognition amongst Greek fresh producers.

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Διεύθυνση Διαχειριστή: ΚΟΝΤΟΝΗ 12, ΜΟΣΧΑΤΟ

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